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Mouse in conker shell
Mouse in conker shellMouse in conker shellMouse in conker shell
Mouse in conker shellMouse in conker shellMouse in conker shell

Mouse in conker shell

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Model:  B.mconk
Brand:  David Meredith Sculpture

David Meredith Sculpture

Nature and wildlife sculptures by World-class sculptor David Meredith.  David is currently based in Norfolk, and has been sculpting for over 25 years.  He's a nature lover, and it shows.  The detail in his work is exquisite, whether it be a miniscule ladybird on a leaf, or a life-sized galloping stallion.  For lovers of diminutive art we stock the complete Bonsai Collection, an assortment of solid bronze, foundry cast miniature nature and wildlife sculptures. They make wonderful gifts, and are a fantastic introduction into the world of bronze sculpture collecting at a very reasonable price.  We're also excited to be introducing some of David's tabletop pieces this year - not quite miniature, but still small and perfectly formed.


A tiny bronze mouse sleeping inside an empty horse chestnut shell. Please do study the pictures carefully, especially the ones with hands/fingers in. This really is the TINIEST little rodent I've ever seen sculpted and hot cast in solid bronze. Both the shell and the weeny mouse are freestanding. Turn the mouse over in the horse chestnut shell and it's been cleverly crafted to look like a tiny conker.


Horse chestnut shell - approximately 13 grams.
Tiny mouse - approximately 9 grams.


Horse chestnut shell:

Height 2 cm or 0.75"
Width 2.5 cm or 1.0"
Depth 3.8 cm or 1.5"

Tiny mouse:

Height 1 cm or 0.3"
Width 1.3 cm or 0.5"
Depth 1.3 cm or 0.5"

Each sculpture comes packed in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.